Access to a proper education is imperative for setting up children for a successful future. For this reason, I believe in school choice.

Today, one can't land a decent paying job without a college degree. I believe that college should be a right afforded to every citizen regardless of their economic status. This is why I believe in lowering tuition costs and having more options for loan forgivenss.


I support equal rights for ALL individuals.


I believe healthcare should be a guaranteed right for all individuals.

clean Energy and climate change

I believe in the necessity to move towards cleaner energy resources to safeguard the health of our community, but also the environment.

Data shows that the earth's climate goes through extended cycles of heating and cooling over thousands of years, however, I believe mankind is speeding up this process. In order to better maintain this natural cycle, we need to implement more environmentally friendly energy alternatives such as solar panels, windmills, and more.

Gun rights

I fully support our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, however, I believe we need to require more stringent background checks (and close all loopholes) to better ensure the safety of our community.