Housing and business Development

Raleigh is a vibrant and growing city and building affordable housing to accommodate the increase in population is necessary to ensure continued growth over the long-term.

I believe that providing incentives for businesses to establish themselves in Raleigh is critical to attracting more businesses to the area. I believe that one of the best ways to do this is to build modern and technologically advanced spaces for businesses to reside.

Public works

Thoroughly examining and repairing our roads and bridges is imperative to maintaining the safety of our community. As our community continues to grow, we must upgrade our water, sewage, and electrical systems to be able to accommodate the growth. If we do not, we will run into problems that with inevitably affect our everyday lives.

Transportation and transit

The transportation service is one of the best benefits of living in Raleigh. I believe having the ability to travel around Raleigh without a car or bike is a critical part of our community.

Police and Fire departments

Our police and fire departments are an integral part of our community. Their pledge to keep our community safe is one of the most honorable professions in our community.


I believe in the necessity to move towards cleaner energy resources to safeguard the health of our community, but also the environment.