Thoroughly examining and repairing our roads and bridges is imperative to maintaining the safety of our community. Furthermore, as our community continues to grow, we must upgrade our water, sewage, and electrical systems to accommodate the increasing population. Ensuring that Raleigh’s infrastructure is kept to code is critical to maintaining a thriving community. I pledge to keep our city safe by ensuring all infrastructure maintenance and upgrades are implemented.

Development & Economic Growth

Raleigh is a vibrant, thriving city and building affordable housing to accommodate the young, ever-increasing population is necessary for continued growth. Additionally, we need to build affordable and safe housing options specifically in impoverished communities. With this being said, it is imperative that we recognize and make an effort to preserve the historic and cultural homes of our city’s residents who have lived here for generations.

I believe that providing incentives for businesses to establish themselves in Raleigh is critical to attracting more commerce to the area. Not only is it important that we build modern and tech-savvy spaces for these businesses to reside, but we also must keep in mind the effect new businesses will have on the mom-and-pop shops that have been in Raleigh for many years. It is my pledge to promote the success and integration of new and old housing developments, as well as the cohesion and prosperity of both family and corporate businesses in Raleigh.

Police and Fire Departments

One officer or firefighter down is one too many. We must support our public servants and their use of safe and effective policies. Our police and fire departments are an integral part of our community. Their commitment to keeping our community safe and being willing to pay the ultimate price is something that should be constantly recognized. It is imperative that these departments have the resources they need to perform their jobs. I pledge to ensure that they have the resources they need to protect our community.

Parks and recreation

Keeping our parks clean and vibrant is not only beneficial to the health and happiness of our community, but it is also great for tourism. It’s vital that we maintain our green spaces for the personal and economic betterment of our community. I pledge to fight for our green spaces so that everyone may reap the benefits of having access to outdoor spaces and activities.


Homelessness is a serious issue in Raleigh. City Council has the power to implement innovative policies that help combat homelessness, however, not much is currently being done. I pledge to work with individuals and organizations who have thorough knowledge of Raleigh’s homelessness crisis - together we will create practical solutions.

Transportation services

Transportation services is one of the greatest benefits of living in Raleigh. Having the ability to travel around the city without a car is an essential part of our community. It is critical that downtown Raleigh remains accessible to everyone. I pledge to find innovative ways to improve our transportation system so that public transit is not only more accessible, but also preferable to using motor vehicles. This will help reduce traffic as well as our city’s carbon footprint.


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